Making MAGIC for you!

UltraMagic has over 40 years experience of designing and manufacturing hot air balloons for customers, private and commercial, UltraMagic is constantly aiming to provide the highest level of professional friendly service. It starts with an initial confidential response and advice and continues through the design, production and testing stages. The end result is our handing over the exact product that you, the customer, requires. Highest quality is a key ingredient of UltraMagic.

By constantly working to raise the levels of safety and enjoyment in every sector of the hot air balloon business, UltraMagic a recognized as the leader in design and development in hot air balloon technology. Another key element of UltraMagic is constantly listening to our customers. Whether you are a new pilot, an experienced ride operator or a marketing executive, your opinion and requirements matter to the team at UltraMagic.