How can a hot-air balloon complement your existing marketing program?

Community Involvement:

Our balloon team can provide demonstrations at schools and other local charity events (an American Cancer Society drive, for example) by providing a balloon for you to sponsor. Your balloon could be tethered to the ground, or you can offer rides to the spectators for a nominal fee.  The fees could then be donated to the event’s charity, while the balloon sponsor receives free media coverage with advertising value that far exceeds the cost of the entire program. Corporate hot-air balloons create product awareness while building stronger community relationships.

Special Events:

By flying or tethering the balloon at trade shows, conventions and other corporate events and promotions, your sponsor will receive unsurpassed media attention.  In addition to the spectators attending the event, the balloon carries your message to the surrounding countryside, increasing the exposure to millions more who are exposed to your colorful flying billboard in the sky.

Sponsor Rides:

Offering rides in the corporate balloon to major customer accounts, employees of the month and charity donors are a few examples to the unlimited potential of company balloon program.

Promotional Items:

Everyone knows the value of providing promotional items with your company logo to create brand awareness and product recognition.  The balloon team can provide these promotional items for distribution to the public and sponsors.  These items can include an actual pin of the balloon, baseball caps, shirts and other apparel items.  The possibilities are endless.

Aer Blarney Balloons offers a full-service, aerial advertising company and welcomes the opportunity to discuss all the possibilities available to you.  Our company provides professional management and operations support, offering you as much or as little involvement as you like.

We can help you achieve your marketing goals, because balloons provide the flexibility to go directly to the target market.  We will work to maximize the exposure your balloon receives by sending out press releases, offering rides and providing interviews whenever possible. Our balloons project a positive image that creates brand recognition and leaves a lasting impression. They are extremely photogenic — an instantly intriguing medium that inherently generates free media coverage with advertising value that far exceeds the cost of operating a hot-air balloon program.

We offer several advertising options that can be customized to meet your company’s budget and individual needs.