All of our flights take place from Murphy’s Landing Balloonport (CT30) – Connecticut’s only FAA Approved Balloonport / Airport, located in Bethlehem Connecticut in the heart of Litchfield County.   


When you arrive, you will be greeted by the owners – Karen & Mick Murphy who have opened their home and balloonport to like-minded aviators who enjoy sharing the love of flying and community.

Aer Blarney Balloons, LLC has been operating in the Litchfield Hills since 1996.  Mick has been actively flying hot air balloons since 1992, rated as a Commercial Balloon Pilot, Advanced Ground Instructor, Remote Pilot and LTA Flight Instructor.  

Mick is very active in ballooning community, serving as a past president of the Balloon Federation of America and the Connecticut Lighter Than Air Society. Since 2004 volunteers as member of FAA Safety Team Representative.  An active historian serving on the US Ballooning Hall of Fame Committee and the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale -CIA Hall of Fame Selection Committee.  In his spare time slowly turning our hanger into a ballooning museum.

As you enter the long dirt driveway slowly drive down until you see a blue shed — park on the right-hand side of the driveway and on the right side of the hanger.

The meeting location is inside the hanger.  Please respect the surrounding neighbors’ privacy by driving slowly and keeping the noise down.

Murphy’s Landing Balloonport (CT30)