Aer Blarney Balloons (FBO)


Restrooms, Wi-Fi Internet, Pilot’s lounge, Flight Planning, including refreshments (coffee & water).


Full-Service LPG ($3.00 / gallon).

Hanger Services:

Hanger space is limited-please inquire about availability.

Cutting tables for homebuilding balloons.

Pilot Resources:

New York VFR Sectional Chart.

Topographical map of local flying area including sensitive areas. (dairy farms, equestrian centers and agricultural farms).

Voluntary Noise Abatement Procedures:

(CT30) is an FAA approved (balloonport / airport) located in a rural residential neighborhood.   In effort to be a continued good neighbor, we strive to mitigate the effects of noise with a Voluntary Noise Abatement / Fly Neighborly program.  

Of most significance are the homes immediately to the west, north and east of the main runway B1, the launch field.  

Minimal noise consistent with safe and legal flight procedures for preflight burner checks, inflation and fan operations.

Aircraft flying low near an airport is inevitable, however please be courteous by climbing to flight altitude as soon as practical to ensure we are all flying and neighborly.

Balloons and Airships launching should maintain 200’ FPM to flight altitude of 1000’

Departing balloons heading northeast towards Morris, please contact Truelove Farms located at 122 Thomaston Road, Morris CT 06763 via text 203-217-6234, to advise balloons will be flying in the vicinity of the farm.  They generally go out into the field to ensure the animals remain calm, remain 1000’ or higher above the farm. 

Please review the topographical map of the local flying area located in the hanger, and always fly neighborly. 

Murphy’s Landing Balloonport (CT30)